Two Dead Wombles

Welcome to Two Dead Wombles

On these pages and on my companion web-site, I will be publishing the results of an ongoing personal project/hobby to learn and develop front-end applications based upon a back-end MySQL database.

I already possessed considerable experience in data management and analysis, spatial analysis using GIS and developing desktop database applications using Microsoft Access. This self-directed learning project will consolidate these existing skills and add a whole new dimension to them by giving me the ability to develop front end user applications which may in the future be commercially viable.

To date I have completed projects to construct back-end databases using MYSQL and SQL (Structured Query Language). Using recent learning I have been able to develop front-end projects. This project has been developed using only HTML5 and CSS. A content Management System has been developed using mostly HTML, PHP, Bootstrap and CSS. An interactive photo gallery and carousel photo gallery has been developed which takes advantage of the additional functionality which learning Javascript makes available. Further applications in PHP,CSS and backed by an on-line MySQL database include an instant messaging box and a quiz application.

More on these applications can be found on the Applications page.

Future projects in the pipeline include: an E-commerce on-line store application using PHP, development of a clone of a Spotify application using Javascript, Develop Spatial Databases and front-ends using PostGIS, QGIS and Python. And a comprehensive and secure log-in and user registration system.