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My original aim with Bolshie Pig was to use it as a proto-type web-site to showase what I was able to do in terms of web-site development to prospective employers or clients. Latterly I have decided to take it less seriously and going to use it alongside a companion web-site to develop a member by invitation forum. My thinking is that the members will be initially people I identify as:

  • independent thinkers
  • Care about the world being a better place
  • Would like to contribute more to discussion or self written articles than is appropriate to Facebook
  • Want discussion to be rational and evidence based
  • Want to be able to express intelligent ideas without ridicule from those who don't get it
  • Want to be part of a member led forum rather than a leader led forum
  • Want to go a "bit out there" with ideas and not have to be concerned with censorship.

Of course standard rules will apply about respectful and appropriate interactions between members. I would consider it a matter for members collectively to set the constitution of the group. I picture the group being between a blog site and a social (or content management site) web-site. I hope members who wish will have their own individual blog space where they can set off and lead a discussion on whatever interests them. Members choice whether this is serious political/social/philosophical/ values and moral driven. Maybe a member would like a page to share their musical tastes, share jokes. Really don't want to be prescriptive on this.

Watcha Peeps

This is my site which is under production. I was using it to showcase the stuff I am learning initially as a hobby. After retiring on ill health grounds after a 22 year's career of being a bullied by "The nameless facelesss watchers who patrol the carpetted corridors of Whitehall" (Derek William Dick (a.k.a Fish) 1982),the hobby has very much taken on the dimension of a new exciting career prospect to bring in some much needed pennies in my retirement.

Just a word before going on further,

Because I developed the site with one intention in mind and now have decided to use it in another way, it will reamin in transition for some time. I want to keep much of what I have previously worked on and over the course of the development of the main blog/Social media/Content Management site remove much of the less fitting stuff to a new domain that I also own.
Some of the links on the left hand side of the portfolio site may not work. This maybe because I have yet to complete the project or just not linked it up.
Similarly some of the formatting is not completely up to scratch of a professional standard. For a developer like me who prefers the back end and comes from a back end background of database development, I find the more arty designy styling side of things a bit more of a chore. It can be quite trial and error painstaking tiny adjustments neede to get things looking pukka then you find next time you refresh your page some other part of the site has gone askew. I will cheat for the final site by using a framework from an open source library that really suits our purpose and is all pre-formatted. Please understand this is a work very much still in progress and please do not judge me too harshly too soon. Trust me it will all work out fine. Some of the text in parts of the web-site may read odd to the unknowing. Where this is the case this is placeholder text except where as those who know me very well will know it maybe because I have just gone of on one of my semi-delusional flights of fancy in my pursuit in confounding my close friends with my love of talking bollocks. [Note to myself] back to the narrative. Yes - so most parts of the odd text are based on something called Lorem Ipsum. Lorem Ipsum is something used in the publishing industry to aid the setting out of layouts. Admittedly it is generally considered bad practice to use in a web-site in actual production and should be punished by "spanking her well, and after you are done with her, you may deal with her as you like... and then... spank me".(Monty Python Holy Grail 1970 something). Anyways Lorem Ipsum is a fake latin text so typesetter can get a sense of how their layout will look before the real text is written. The odd bits on this site are a bit of a twist called "Cat Ipsum. Some of it might be a bit hit and miss but any cat owner will find some right royal gems in the seemingly gobbledygook.

On the Profile page of this site you will find my C.V. which is a leaning towards my further career pretensions and to be honest having recently got this up to date, really hits me personally between the eyes like a golden bullet as a catologue of underachievement. Yeah - better move on.

The Gallery page shows some of my doodles. Some of these - generally the coloured ones. (And Yes if you are from the cross atlantic prisoner colony Colour does have a "U" in it - end off) are digital which I have done using an software package called "Affinity Designer". One in a range of brilliant software packages which for me far outshine stuff like Photoshop and Coreldraw and avaiable as either opensource or for a very nice budget purchase rather than a nasty control freakery subscription. Generally the black and white ones have been done with an even cheaper tool called a pencil. Older readers will know that these tools are available from any good stationer, newsagents, supermarkets and Post Offices. This is except for my Alice in Wonderland doodles which were done with a Staedtler ink set which cost me quite a few pennies and doesn't get used nearly as mush as it should do. I am led to believe some of my doodles are good by friends and or polite sympathisers, so I have included them on this page.

OK next page, next page, what one's that. Oh yes the Portfolio page. On this page, I am showcasing some of the fancy dan stuff you can put on websites and showing in demonstrating - yeah, yeah I can do that. Mostly these are things called snippets and by and large you can download the code for them from pre-complied libraries and just adapt them. The most popular library is called Bootstrap and I have made such liberal use of it, that I have almost been tempted to grow a beard wear sandals and a cardigan.

Still one more page to go. The contact page. Well that's self explanatory isn't it. I will leave you to have a look and see. Maybe one day I will get round to wiring it up. It is just considered to be good practice to have a means to contact site administrators. But to be honest it is not something we need because we will have the Facebook companion page.

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