Two Dead Wombles


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The Content Management System(CMS) provides an open architecture for a number of practical functions. The framework can be easily adapted for use as a stakeholder engagement management system or consultation responses management system. All records or posts returned by users or stakeholder are automatically stored in a back-end MySQL database. You can view my front end Content Management system by clicking on the link below or from the link on the sidebar.
Content Management System

The Portfolio page displays a simple HTML photo gallery with Bootstrap CSS features which make the images responsive according to the size of the browser window. A bootstrap pagination function will be added shortly.

The Cartoon gallery page demonstrates how Javascript functionality can be used to produce interactive features on a page. Clicking on any image displays a pop-up window styled using CSS and greys out the background. Click on the image again to dismiss the pop-up window. Re-size the browser window and the images respond by automatically re-positioning themselves within the browser window.

Clicking on any image in the Carousel open up a new browser window and link to You Tube to view the selected videos. Additional Javascript functionality enables scrolling forwards and backward to the next or previous videos within the player.

The Prog Rock Quiz is a feature developed using HTML5, PHP, CSS and MySQL to produce an interactive quiz. The PHP functionality checks the answers entered by the user against the correct answer stored in the MySQL database and calculates a final score which is given at the end. There is also a form for the user to submit their own questions to the quiz.

The Prog Rock blog developed using HTML5, CSS and PHP supported with a MySQL database provides a simple blogging application.

TinToon is a simple HTML, CSS and Bootstrap replication of the Tinder dating site. It is just an exercise in styling HTML elements and does not have any javascript functionality. It does however have a bit of a twist on the Tinder theme.