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Martin Bridgman

Developer: Bolshie Pig productions

Age: 56

I work full time as a database manager and spatial analyst at the Ministry of Housing Communities and Local Government. In my spare time I have been learning web development linked particularly to back-end databases such as MySQL for the last six months.

It is my intention for this to add an additional dimension to my specialist GIS and database skills, making them more accessible and marketable. In June this year, I established my own business under the name "Bolshie Pig" to take forward my acquired skills and knowledge in web-site design and development. From the sidebar menu you can see a portfolio of all the projects I have completed to date including a gallery of my illustrations.

I am an ordained minister of the Church of the Flying spaghetti monster and a member of British MENSA. As a member of British Mensa I served the roles of Secretary of the Politics and Atheism Special Interest groups between 2011 and 2013 and produced and editted the groups newsletters.

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